Fernando dos Santos, born on November 22, 1938, a native of Póvoa de Alcobaça, from a very early age he came across the flavors and dislikes that life had brought him.

In 1950, he was employed in commerce, having no opportunity to pursue studies other than the primary.

In his childhood and adolescence, he sold fabric by subway and helped in a grocery store, delivering the shopping baskets to the madames in their homes.

By this time his dreams flew over a world that would not have to be his, but he soon discovered that he could perform in a GREAT bullfighter, beginning to attend schools of this art, trying to discover the secrets of art that eternalized Manolete.

With the faith, determination, desire, hobby .... Which God gave him, is born the 12th 'matador' of the art of bullfighting.

At the age of 18, Fernando dos Santos showed his bravery and excellent artistic qualities in front of wild rezes, exhibiting himself in several Portuguese squares and being seen by the great Pepe Luis Vazques, who protects him by offering him many afternoons of training, after having his courage and great desire to triumph in the face of any danger that might arise. As the bullock dragged behind him crowds of admirers exhausting the squares where he stood.

Fernando dos Santos heads to Spain, where he achieves excellent successes in the important squares where experience leads him on his way to a dream .... The "ALTERNATIVE" that made him a bull-killer, in Mérida on October 9, 1966; Many were the Portuguese who moved to that square to witness the dream that definitively enshrined him as a matador of bulls, being patronized by Vicente Punzon, in the Plaza Monumental of Madrid, Fernando dos Santos confirms his alternative to October 12, 1968, achieving enormous success having been sponsored by Adolfo Avila (El Paquiro).

After fulfilling this desire, he continued his long journey towards Mexico, obtaining the Mexican alternative on February 22, 1970, patronized by the famous Miguel Meteo (Miguelin), reaching the highest point of his career, achieving there, reaching the foreground Of the Mexican bullfight and definitively consecrated himself among the unforgettable figures who stepped on Mexican squares.

But not everything was a sea of ​​roses, soon followed by the incalculable scars that adorn his body being the proof of hard goring that in addition to the pain are a symbol of great courage and bravery, of those who engaged in the charge.

In 1972 he returned to Portugal and started a new chapter of his career, that of a bullfighter, but he did not stop stepping on the arenas, where he continued to achieve successes. In 1982 he dedicated himself to the valorization and expansion of the Bullfight, inaugurated the Bullring, organizing numerous bullfights, his efforts to affirm the great potential of the Bullfight as a spectacle of tourist activity par excellence, It is the great number of races that has been taking place in the Algarve, where it has achieved remarkable success and offered to the many thousands of tourists, who demand that privileged province, a spectacle of Glorious traditions.

And "To to stop is to die", Fernando dos Santos, in the year 2014, becomes Businessman of Praça de Toiros da Nazaré.

He currently divides much of his time between Praça de Toiros de Albufeira, Praça de Toiros da Nazaré, his cattle ranch and the creation of a breed of Lusitanian breed, not forgetting his family, a fundamental pillar and essential for his joy and well-being.

Recognized for its merit and value, the Autarchy of its native land - Alcobaça, will deliver to him, next September 11, in the Salão Nobre da Câmara a medal of Merit.