The Bullring of Albufeira was inaugurated the 10 of April of 1982,
with the horsemen Mestre Batista, Angel Peralta, Jose Zuquette and the bullfighters Paco Camino, Fernando dos Santos, Current owner.
The handles were handled by the amateur forged group of Beja (Cabo João Caixinha), 7 bulls were handled from the Fernando Santos cattle ranch.
Located in the Heart of Albufeira, the Bullring of Albufeira is located on Av. dos Descubrimentos, this place is best known as Praça de Touros de Albufeira, Areias de S. João 8200-265 Albufeira.


It was designed by the bullfighter and businessman Fernando Dos Santos, and projected by the architect Carlos Alves.
This space is surrounded by 40 apartments and an extensive shopping center where it includes shops, cinema, disco, bingo etc.
This building has a total floor area of 10,000 square meters, with a capacity for 3250 spectators, including 4 seats for wheelchairs, easy access.